Emily Ley Printables


I want to share one of my very favorite online resources with you, the Emily Ley free printable library. I guarantee you will find this website so helpful, encouraging, and useful! I have followed along with the darling Emily Ley for years and years, and she’s one of the most inspiring and down-to-earth creatives that I “know.” I am smitten with her style, her brand, and her passion for making life more simple, more organized, and more beautiful. Her heart and the core of her mission are incredibly inspiring!


Plus, she just delivered their twin babies the other day, and I love her cute, sweet, growing family. Since Emily’s been on bed rest for the last couple weeks, she’s been designing and cultivating her fabulous (and free!) online downloads. I have printed dozens of these for myself, and I think you’ll find several that you’ll want to incorporate into your life, as well! The printables that I’ve been using the most are the 2015 and 2016 at a glance calendar (perfect for planning out wedding timelines and availability!), the meeting details (I love these for my client meetings), the blog planner, the prayer list, and the beautiful verse cards (adore!)… I could go on and on! Whether you’re a mom, a small business owner, a student, or anything in between, there are lots of beautiful, streamlined printables in her library that you’ll definitely find useful and lovely. And Emily is the mastermind behind my favorite “grace not perfection” quote, too!




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